Weimin Xi (奚为民 博士, PhD)

Department of Biological and Health Sciences
Texas A&M University - Kingsville

LANDISVIEW 2.0: A upgraded visualization tool for landscape modelling

LANDISVIEW 2.0 is a graphical tool, developed by my lab at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, for quickly examining and animating LANDIS output maps (ERDAS GIS .gis and ERDAS IMAGINE .img format). It can also convert LANDIS output maps into ASCII and batch files. LANDISVIEW provides two major functions: 1) File Viewer: Files can be viewed sequentially and an output can be generated as a movie file or as an image file. 2) File converter: It will convert the loaded files for compatibility with 3rd party software, such as Fragstats.

Please cite the following paper when using LANDISVIEW:

Birt, Andrew G., W. Xi, Robert N. Coulson. 2009. LANDISVIEW: A visualization tool for landscape modeling. Environmental Modelling & Software 24(11): 1339-1341

For further information about LANDISVIEW development, contact Dr. Weimin Xi (weimin.xi@tamuk.edu).


Funding for the development of LANDISVIEW has been provided by the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station and the Pacific Southwest Research Station. LANDISVIEW uses a 3rd party library (GDAL) for opening LANDIS files. We thank the GDAL team, especially Frank Warmerdam, for developing this open source library.