Weimin Xi (奚为民 博士, PhD)

Department of Biological and Health Sciences
Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Graduate Studies in the Xi Lab

Individuals interested in pursuing graduate studies in the Xi Lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Xi directly at the above address; please include brief descriptions of your research interests and background (academic and otherwise).

Departmental policy recommends that prospective graduate students contact the faculty in the department who work in the student's area of interest to determine if they are accepting applications before submitting a formal application to the Graduate School. Most successful applicants have developed a research focus and can relate their desired area of study to a particular faculty member, so personal contact is very important. This contact should be made 6-12 months prior to desired admission. Note: this contact does not ensure admission to the University; rather is serves to inform prospective applicants if there are openings in that faculty members research program.

If you are interested in graduate study in my lab, the Graduate Study Info Summary from College of Graduate Studies is important to read and will be helpful in answering several questions.

Department of Biological and Health Sciences

College of Graduate Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Opportunities for Undergraduates

Undergraduate research in the Xi lab could take a number of forms, including field surveys, experiments, simulation modeling, and database analysis. Information on current projects in the Xi lab is available at our homepage. Interested undergraduate students should be prepared to dedicate at least two semesters to their research project, should have strong quantitative skills, and should be eager to immerse themselves in the scientific literature. Interested students should contact Dr. Xi to discuss potential research projects.

Opportunities for Visiting Scholars

I seek visitors who will actively engage with our lab research activities and resources. If you are interested in being considered for visiting scholar, please note that the approval process can take up to three to six months. For international scholars, it is important that you review and understand the US visa regulations and health insurance requirements and ascertain that you are able to fulfill them before you begin the process of applying for visiting scholar.